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Not a Clone Demo Not a Clone Demo

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This game was very good at replicating the feel the warioware games, it is almost nostalgic. I look forward to full game with hopefully more polish in general and more content.

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hitBox hitBox

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This was a pretty good skill game.
A kinda simple concept that was made into a pretty interesting game. I really appreciate how it was still able to be a challenge even after figuring out how to do it, which what I feel makes a good skill game.
The visuals were really nice, it was quite appealing to look at. The art style isn't very unique, but it works best for this kind of game, I feel.
The audio was good too, I didn't get tired of hearing the music in the background which I find to be veryt important.
The game itself didn't feel unsatisfyingly short while not being too long that it was just exhausting to get through, it had a nice little balance. The game functioned very smoothly, everything felt right and proper. I didn't encounter any glitches.
I had a good time playing this game. It felt somewhat rewarding to get through some of the puzzles in this game.

Stealth at School Stealth at School

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not a bad game. There isn't a whole lot to it, but it is solid and functional (I didn't encounter a single glitch while playing the game normally, good job).
I think the game is a little too easy. Except for the last three levels I had absolutely zero problem getting all of the coins while beating the levels for the first time. It wasn't until about level 15 that I learned that you could actually be in the enemies' line of sight ( I assumed it was an insta-kill like the first Classroom game), and wasn't until the last three levels that I didn't clear it on the first go.
Speaking of the line of sight, I think the amount of time you can spend in their (except for the bully) is a little too generous. The fact that I am able to dive in, grab the coin, and dip out all while the enemy is staring at me makes getting some of the coins that were set up to be a challenge to just be trivial. All while without even using the airplane.

Then there is the paper airplane. It's way too good. Even though the Nerds aren't much of a threat ever, the fact that you can stun, pick up the airplane and continue using it makes almost every level way too easy. The airplane should simply not be re-useable (you could have the tip be crumbled to signify that it can't be used again), and even then it would still be too strong. Like with the Bully, you cant recover the airplane if you use it on the Bully, not like you would need to. The Bully was a welcomed enemy, but with the fact that I can stun him in on position forever makes him more like a small wall that isn't a threat. What would have been better is that it stuns the bully for only for a little bit (like maybe 5-7 seconds[similar to the nerd]) so that the player can use the airplane strategically and with timing with the other enemies so they can dash and grab the coin, that would have been more enjoyable than just stunlocking the Bully.
I like the paper airplane, it's a nice concept for the gameplay. It just makes a fairly easy game even easier.
So overall for difficulty, I feel like two things would be a good change; make all enemies' line of sight's detection meter go up significantly faster (or even just make it an insta-kill) , and make the paper airplane an one-use-per-level kind of thing (maybe even some kind of powerup they have to grab).

Animation-wise. It is fine. I don't like how the enemies just snap in angles instead of smoothly turning around ( the same for the line of sight, which could have amped the difficulty a little more). But my actual complaint goes into the main character's walk cycle. By itself, it is fine, however, do you see how it is when he walks up, down, left and right? And then see how he walks in all of the diagonal directions. His diagonal walking looks like it would be a lot faster than his normal direction walking. His diagonal walking animation looks like running, while the up/down/left/right walking animation looks like he is just casually walking. It would be good to fix it to have all eight animations to be consistent in the appearance of speed, as it is currently jarring.

Art style is fine. It's appealing to look at, but that's as far as it gets.

The controls are alright, but a little clumsy-feeling when colliding with any object.

The audio is fine. Good choice of music, since I didn't get tired of hearing it by the end of the game, and I appreciate the option of muting it.

All in all, it is a functional game with an enjoyable concept. Zero story, but that is fine. No obvious glitches. Simply a good example of an average flash game, perfectly deserving 3 stars. It was enjoyable. Just kinda too easy, could use some more levels, and could use some general polish to make the game feel and look better.

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MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks a lot for your review! We will take in mind all of them for our future games.

Also, about the difficult, indeed, maybe it would had been even better to have different difficulties. It would had been as easy as multiple the fill factor in this case... (if we wanted to add it fast). We will take this in mind for sure.

And about the multiple use of the plane. Now that you mention, I think we failed in giving the real need of using it multiple times, like, actually need to grab the plane again to finish the level. But maybe, that one is another way to fix what you say.

Other than that, thanks once again for the review and for playing the game, we really like these game design reviews, they help us to improve :)

Ele-Masters Ele-Masters

Rated 2 / 5 stars

This was kinda alright. Simple concepts can be quite beneficial for games. But this was simply way too simple. There just isn't all that much to it, really. It just takes a few levels to fully obtain all this game has to offer. I accidentally skipped the instructions page and still had no trouble seeing what all this game had to offer. I went back to see if I missed any other type of game modes. It's good that this game wasn't unnecessarily convoluted that I was able to understand the game without being taught it, but it's not good that that there really is to it. The only kind of progression is to the same puzzle but with a shorter time limit. It's something, but it doesn't really add anything to make the game all that much more fun. If I wasn't intent on reviewing this game, I would have had left after just like 5 levels.
It isn't very appealing to look at. Perhaps the elements having black outlines would help a bit. If the game was cartoon-y overall, it'll probably look significantly better, but not very impressive looking. The music is okay, I guess. Not good or anything, but it isn't atrocious. The sounds are kinda bad. The explosion that happens at the start of every level is really bad, honestly.
I do like the random trivia at the end of a level, I didn't care too much for it but it was probably my favorite thing of this game.
It's neat you made a game that is completely randomly generated and is still coherent, but it is currently far too basic.
Whether you try to expand this game or try something different, keep it up and good luck.

Imperil Imperil

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a pretty good game. The concept wasn't overly complicated, yet there wasn't any feeling of handholding. The music, while isn't all too memorable, was quite enjoyable and I never felt tired of hearing it throughout the game. I was about to just stop playing by the end of the first chapter because it didn't feel engaging enough until I realized that there was more to the mechanics of the game in the next chapter. That's one of the things that really made this game to me. Having a new ability every chapter made everything refreshing and interesting to last long enough to continue playing through each chapter. It was quite apparent that each level had some thought into it. It was quite the basic level progression, but games can't really go wrong with that, just that nothing was spectacular or brilliant. The secret collectibles were nice and sometimes felt satisfying to find them, when they were actually hidden. The controls were tight and usually responsive. The boss was kinda fun.

Now, I feel like the game would have benefited quite a bit if there was more feedback in combat. It was quite clear I was hurting them and they were hurting me so it had an okay amount of feedback, but it didn't feel all that engaging to fight. Once I got the fire, I didn't bother with the sword anymore. The sword just felt impactless when it came to the spiders, like as if I was meant to upgrade it. Maybe making the enemies receive significant knockback, preferably enough to knock away the spiders a bit when they lung at me. I see that it does have some knockback, but if I attack at lunging spiders, it is often just enough to make them stop right in place which often ends up me getting hit anyways.
The secret collectibles (XP) didn't feel rewarding enough. The only thing to do with them was cash them in at the end of every level for more health. Especially considering that it's kinda hard to die in this game. The only time I died was to the lava, which my health wouldn't have helped.
I feel like the regenerative health wasn't necessary, or at least to the extent that it was. It was just too much. It made most enemies feel quite worthless.
I wish there was a bit more to it for the final boss. I initially thought it was a mid-boss. It was simply too easy and simple. With my amount of health and regenerating, I felt boringly invincible. And I didn't feel any challenge aside from figuring out that you need to hit one of the limbs once. It wasn't much of a challenge to figure that out as well, since there isn't a whole lot of options to try due to the game's simplicity. A game having a simple concept can go either way here, it's definitely good that I wasn't dancing around the tiny stage for an indefinitely period of time wondering "What the hell am I suppose to do?", but the boss would have really benefited from having more to it. It would have been fine if I didn't just have regenerating health. Then where the boss lacks in needing me to think and figure things out, it'll make it up for the combat not feeling boringly easy. I just really think this game would have been fine without the health regen and that you only get health back through checkpoint, death, and moving on to the next chapter, or maybe even getting some health back from slain enemies (would have more incentive to fight, while adding the risk factor of just losing more health in the process, making the game feel more engaging). Anyways, the boss really could have had a bit more to it. It's fine how it is in the first half, I suppose. But by the second half, it really is just the exact same thing but with a little more "hazards" that aren't that hazardous. You can just hang back in one of the corners then slash at the limb once it appears to go for the open mouth attack. The damage you might take while waiting doesn't really matter. It would have been good if the boss had a phase for every chapter, if done correctly it would have made the boss actually kinda incredible. It was fun, and had a bit of a nice concept going for, but the boss battle just felt kinda disappointing in the end. It felt like one of the weakest parts of games, especially when it made a lot of the problems with this game seem more apparent.
Also, the player physics sometimes didn't feel great. Mainly when there were walls, because sometimes you can stick to them. Not terrible, just not amazing.
Also I sometimes had an issue with the platforms made from the green chapter, sometimes I will just jump down when the only thing I was pressing was the jump key. But it wasn't much of an issue thanks to infinite platforms anyways.

This game shows to have a good amount of thought and effort into it. I have difficulty on imagining me rating it any less than 4. However, it does not come without a few issues, so I can't imagine rating it any more than 4. It was enjoyable, good job.

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Stick Jumper 2 Stick Jumper 2

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Earlier today, I said that if you used the same stick figure from stick jumper and put some sort of goal next time and not just have a large test-like room, it might actually be worth more than a blam, in a nutshell. Not saying you followed my advice, because that was just from today, and you also only said " >=l ", proving you didn't even try to think of anyone's review that gave you a lot more stars than your other games would ever had deserved, and probably don't even read reviews that are longer than two sentences.

Congrats. you made a game that is not completely inadequate. You used the decent stick figure and put in a game that has a goal. 2 stars. It is nothing too new and interesting. It is a stick figure platformer. 1.6 stars between 2 stars is what this game deserves, because I suppose it is worthy to be passed through judgement, but barely.
Good job on having the top barrier not be a "restart", that was another good thing. Still would have been better to just place a blocks all around the screen edges, makes it seem more professional when you don't allow players to exit the screen and you don't punish them for doing so, because they would not be able to with a blocked screen edge.

Now that you finally passed maybe most of the basics OF the basics of video game design, next time when you make yet another stick figure platformer, I reccomend adding more things than gaps and jumps. You know, enemies, hazards, surprises. Those kind of things. It would then make the game worth around 2.5-3.2 stars. Having a decent story, good difficulty with a nice rising pace through out the levels, and a satisfying ending will then make it worth from maybe around 3.5-4.2.
Unfortunately, the people who don't rate this game that it actually deserves, will probably rise towards 3-4 stars, even though this game does not deserve to be anywhere near 3. So don't think you are set by just copying the same formula you use can really get you by, just because people think it is okay to give this a 4-5 rating even though the quality is beyond far from ever deserving comparison to the popular games that actually deserved 4-5 star ratings. You gotta progress and be original.

Test 442 Test 442

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Juuuust me again. I really don't know what to say, because your seb games are exactly like this one. So really, just about everything I said there can be said here, the only this is that the player sprite is not so unsightly, since you did make it yourself. Everything else is completely the same, in fact I feel like you used the same collision size for the seb games, which now explains why you have it that I can have my character floating like I am still on a block and I am not. It was not because you sucked at making the collision size, it is because you are lazy. Which is even worse. I would ask "Do you even play test through these games?" but I know you had to because on the first two of these terrible games, you had a jump that you had be to pixels from falling off of a cliff to make a jump. Which in the seb games made it more ridiculous because due to your laziness, the character HAD to show the player that you made a terrible collision size for the player. So you did actually playtest them, you just did a really terrible job at thinking on how it would look to people who did create it. Which ended up being terrible.

In the seb games, I took note that I was able to do some kind of "wall jump" even though it was never said that you could, so I said it was most likely a glitch. After playing your first game that used a stick figure that could not have been yours, it actually indicated that you could wall jump, so I was thinking maybe it was a secret function that you added, which, if it was true, I could really respect. But then I played this one, and a tank wall jumping? Nope, that made me sure it was not a secret function, that even though you aren't exactly aiming for realism with your idle-moving sprite of a tank that can jump five times its height without any indication it is using some kind of technology for that, I am in serious doubt you placed a secret function like that for a tank.
There is also the bit of a fact that you had to press Up to go through the door, this problem is pretty minor, it does not take much to guess pressing up will have you go through the door, but somewhere on telling the player is a necessity.

And then the music, it did not take long before I had to mute my computer so that the poorly-looped music didn't not make it sound like I was grinding some metal on a grindstone.
Also, the lack of a screen saying something like "you won! Replay this game? Haha just kidding, why would you want to replay other than to see if this was not just some nightmare?!?"

This is how your games have been going:
1) (Stick Jumper) Decent stick figure, decent platform and background graphics, lack of game goals whatsoever, terrible everything else.
2) (Test 442) Decent single sprite of the player because it was from another game, terrible everything else about the character, actual somewhat goal, decent backgrounds I suppose, unstable music, terrible gaming experience, terrible everything else.
3) (Seb's Adventure) Just about the same as the one before, but even worse. Excluding the fact that the music was not unstable like Test 442, touching the door made you go to the next level, and there was actually an end screen. The single sprite of the player was atrocious. ET from the Atari is the good-looking brother for this one. The sprite's feet does not even touch the ground, the sprite can appear to be floating due to the collision of the sprite I already mentioned, the burger is not recognizable as a burger, and some other things I can not remember off the top of my head.
4) (Seb's Adventure 2) THE SAME AS BEFORE EXCEPT EVEN WORSE. AGAIN. The SINGLE sprite's legs were even further away from the ground, he would appear to be floating more because the sprite is smaller, but the collision size is the same for the tank and the previous game's person. And it is even easier than the previous ones, somehow.

From your first game to your fourth, in what I believe your games deserve you went from 1 star rating (Stick Jumper) , to .5 rating (Test 442) , to 0 rating (Seb's Adventure) , to "Why did you even post this?" (Seb's Adventure 2).
It should have been the other way around, you are suppose to learn new things, and master the things you already know when you make more and more games. You just grew lazier and lazier, it is atrocious. Really.
Don't think I am saying you should give up on being a game designer or anything like that.
Even though you are 10, it doesn't mean that your terrible games should stay on newgrounds. You being young should NEVER change the reviewers strictness, it should any change to amount of profanity used in the review.
But, because you are 10, it means you have a lot more time to learn and become much better than anyone older.

Instead of having the community of newgrounds test out your games you just whip out, have people you actually know give their honest opinions to tell you the many flaws of your games so you can retry until you make a game that actually deserves a 1.6 star at the least.
You probably won't listen to this, so you know, brace yourself for me for your next "game".

sebastian4ester responds:


Stick Jumper Stick Jumper

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Let's see...where to start... Well, I guess first thing is that I am now even more confused with your terrible Seb games. Nearly everything about those two games were horrible, but at least there was a goal to finish the game. Here, there is no goal, you just go around around jumping and falling and treating the "skeletons" as blocks that you use to give yourself more height or save yourself from a fall. But the stick figure player is actually decent. He is not just one sprite that can move, he can actually move his legs, indicate he can wall jump, "crawl", and appear as falling.
How did you go from "decent stick figure, lack of game." to TWO "terrible attempt of a stick figure, terrible attempt of a game (BUT AT LEAST IT IS EXISTENT...I guess)"?
My only real guess from this is that the stick character work in this game was not yours, and you at least had someone else make it for you, and then you just planted a bunch of across a large room.

Then the two god-awful Seb games were completely all your work and it is just terrible.
You just can't go from "decent stick figure, poorly thought process of everything else" to "terrible stick figure, terrible everything else"
You can only go from "Someone else's stick figure, did everything else yourself, ended up terrible everything else" to "Did everything, ended up terrible".
You know, if your stick figure in your seb games were using this stick figure, it would have been so much better. I would have actually rated it at least 1.5 stars.
Because let's face it, your games shouldn't really be on newgrounds with their quality. How this ended up with 4 stars is beyond me. This deserves a total of 1 star and gotten blammed through judgement, so you could have worked on a much better game that deserves 2 stars.
For some reason, you think you should make a third seb games. Good lord. If it is the same as all the others, you better prepare for another review like this, and you should also realize that just saying "I'M A 10 YEAR OLD KID", does not make your game any more deserving to be saved.

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A Quest for Hero's A Quest for Hero's

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not too bad, a nice little text-based adventure. The consequences aren't too bad since you can just go back from when you failed, but it does make it easier to see what were the results for the wrong paths once you get curious. I enjoyed the music through playing this, would have been cool if in the ending that everyone lives, it would have been possible to fight through the soldiers, stop the king, and take the talisman. And if you let the rouge die, then the heroes would have just been locked up, with the lack of manpower or that the rogue became suspicious of the royalty around them once they got back to the castle and had the team braced for betrayal, or something like that. Nice and fun. But short and same ending. Overall, I think you deserve the three stars.

mark9135 responds:

i was planning on continuing the story in another one , but from the ratings i see i think ill just move on

Potato Run Potato Run

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really fun. Can be quite the classic, in my opinion. There is a problem that the rest of the world does not stop when you get the potato so the one(s) that end on the same platform with the other farmer(s) going around, they can kill you before you click the next button. The menu isn't exactly flashy, but it gets the job done. And I failed at getting past level 23. Oh well, my family can live off 23 potatoes until next time.

Anyways, even though the aerial momentum isn't realistic, it is great for platformers, if my guy didn't go into an almost immediate stop in the air, a lot of these jumps would have been incredibly harder. I love the sound of the walking, and the flow of movement just felt really nice and controllable. The music is nice, I heard it before and have been trying to remember from where, Jaltoid? If I did hear it from Jaltoid, I don't even know if that is where it originated from.
Anyways, this game is pretty fun, so I believe it deserves 4 stars.

If many more people have trouble with Level 23, with the beginning wall jumps with small room for error, it might be a good idea to make it a bit easier.

Meitnerium109 responds:

Thanks for the response. I find level 23 pretty easy, but some other people are having problems with it. I'll have to make it a bit easier so people can beat level 23.